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This blog is going to move from to a self-hosted site. This has numerous advantages. More flexibility, capacity, and no ads!

Thank you for visiting this blog in the past year. I hope you’ll continue to visit AotG in the future.


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About Architecture of the Games


Architecture of the Games: All about Olympic Architecture

Architecture of the Games writes about urban planning, architecture, transportation, landscape design and the visual identity of the Olympic Games. From Athens 1896 to Beijing 2022.

Architecture and the Olympic Games are two passions of mine and I saw the opportunity to combine the two when starting this website.

From Sydney 2000, I became seriously interested in the Olympics. Its history, traditions and the unforgettable achievements of athletes. Around the same time I started my architecture studies. Not until the run-up to the London Games my attention shifted from sports to the architectural and organizational aspects of the Olympics. I visited the Olympic Games of London in 2012 and will travel to Rio de Janeiro in 2016. Furthermore I have visited several venues in former host cities like Berlin, Barcelona and Helsinki.

M. Giebels (Architect. Founder and editor of Architecture of the Games)